Buying Shoes for Swing Dancing: An Intro to the Balboa Heel

We get a lot of dancers coming into the boutique to buy shoes for swing dancing, and the most popular by far is one made by street shoe brand, that happens to make shoes that are a delight to dance in. Say hello to the Balboa by ReMix Vintage Shoes.

Gorgeous with everything, even jeans! The Balboa Heel.


If you have't danced in heels do not be afraid! Heel height is personal to you, and there are no rules about what is right and what is wrong. Having said that, I would say that stiletto heels don't belong on a dance floor. They are not shoes for swing dancing as the height is dangerous to your ankles if you take a wrong step. Also, if you accidentally catch a fellow dancer with them (which does happen on a crowded dance floor) ,it will be painful for them, so please leave them at home!

I find that around 2 inches heel height is perfect for me, but I have never been into heel wearing really, so if I go much higher I can’t even walk, never mind dance! I also dance in small wedge heels and brogues with a small heel.  


It’s simple really. The lower the grip between the shoe and the floor, the quicker and easier your movements can be, and it also helps reduce the stress you put on your joints from a full nights’ swinging out. I massively prefer a leather sole for this very reason.


Most ladies try and strike a balance between practicality and beauty. (Some dance brands can look a little clumpy, in my opinion. )... And this has lead to the Balboa heel being our most popular style for dancers.


The high finish quality, the beautiful leather (both uppers and sole) means they are ridiculously comfortable. Most ladies exclaim as such when they try the for the first time.


The fact that they are effectively two pairs of shoe in one (as you can wear them as a street shoe too) means the price is made immediately more reasonable. They also wear really well. I have *cough* 4 *cough* pairs from ReMix in the Balboa style alone, and I've not had a blister yet. (That's right. I have four pairs of the same shoe. That should indicate that they are my favourite shoes for swing dancing alone!)


We endeavour to stock sizes UK 3 to 8- sometimes 8.5!

They have a small heel, but as a T-bar style sandal with a covered heel, they are extremely responsive to every movement of the foot. The soft leather means they can stretch and mold to any foot shape with ease, and the polished leather sole and rubber heel means they are a dream on any dance floor surface as well as in the outside world. They are the shoe I always take if I don’t know what the floor is like because I know it will work.

If you're already social dancing then you've probably already seen them. I recommend you come into the store to find out for yourself just how good they are.



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