My New Favourite 40's Frock

The 1940s is one of my favourite decades to draw shapes and inspiration from when it comes to my own wardrobe, and I have fallen in love with this dress. I wear it to work in the boutique, I wear it to things outside of work and I LOVE to wear it dancing!

Love your 1940s style? Click here!

This is me dancing with a friend at Wilton's Music Hall.

Photo taken by MSWheeler Photography.


You could be looking for your perfect Goodwood outfit, have an entire suitcase of clothes for Twinwood, be a regular at the many varied vintage weekenders around the country.... Or you could just appreciate a dress that fits, is comfortable and also happens to be vintage style. Regardless, have a good look at the 40s Tea Dress.

I'm not usually one for prints, but I put this on and immediately had one of those 'Ohhhh YES' moments, when you just *know* it works for you.

Regular ladies who have an eye for our 1940s style dresses; it's the same print from our gorgeous wrap dress (the one with the diamond section) but in navy. 

To compare the print colours, this is me with my dear friend Megan (who fell in love with the wrap dress)

As well as being a comfortable fabric (and machine washable, yess), it complies with my No Iron requirements. The 40s Tea Dress comes with a covered belt, which cinches in the waist nicely, but I also have a white belt I like to wear it with, to mix it up a bit. I also have a lovely selection of block coloured cardigans that work well. Mustard is my fave but you can't deny a red knit!

To have a look at the 40s Tea Dress, click HERE

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To snap up a lightweight block colour cardigan, click HERE.

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