My Go-To New Years Eve Dress at Revival

I love the Stop Staring Twilight dress. Love, love, LOVE it. I get compliments whenever I wear it, it's super comfortable, and it's a really polished look straight off the hanger. If you know me you'll also know I'm very colourful and don't often wear all black- but this dress is my go-to LBD, and at new years it's a no brainer. I know at Revival we go on about elegant looks being easy to achieve- but this dress really is the epitome of that- it does all the hard work.

Have a closer look at the Twilight HERE

Let's talk about that lace like mesh top half. It draws the eye up the figure- so it lengthens and slims your silhouette as the eye is naturally drawn to texture.

It also means that it is super cute in all pictures! Whether you're having professional shots done like ours, or you're the queen of selfies, remember that most pictures are cropped at the waist or above, so the detail is where you need it most and where it can be seen.

Selfie of me with my friend Sky at a dance event- see what I mean about that lovely detailing?


The detailing also (at least, in my mind) negates the need for a necklace- but some killer earrings and a sparkly bracelet really complete the look. Why not go for some glitzy shoes too? All of the shiny things! I mean, it's New Years Eve, what have you got to lose?

The skirt is made from a stretch fabric that you would normally find in shape wear, so it is smoothing and flattering. I personally always wear control top tights as, as a dancer, i feel a bit less bouncy (curvy girls will know what I'm talking about here)- but whether you go for massive knickers, tiny knickers or no knickers, the dress will work hard to show you at your best. 

A very hot and sweaty me! It's such a pleasure to wear this dress, even on a dance floor it's easy to wear!

I also really like the length of the skirt. Mainly because I have a weird hangup about my knees being on show, but also because as the skirt covers the knee it means your legs then look longer, but the stretch fabric means it's still practical to wear. Win!

Finally, the patent belt adds a little hint of drama with the return of light if gives to the eye. But it's removable, so you can wear it, choose not to, or ever wear a different belt entirely. I have seen ladies wear it with a skinny metallic belt and a wide bright colourful belt. It's up to you, go with your own personal style and make it your own!

To go to the Twilight dress for a closer look, click HERE

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