50s Capri Pants for Summer

by Charlotte Newell June 16, 2017

Summer has at last finally hit the UK and boy oh boy am I ready to ditch the tights!
Of course I'm not so confident in the sunshine sticking around that I'm ready to buy shorts but these 50s capri pants?  I am living in them.  They are the perfect happy medium between shorts and wide legged trousers.

I absolutely love how high waisted they are.  Not even a hint of bum crack when I bend down.  And thanks to the stretch content, they don't go baggy after all the bending down I've done whilst demonstrating my bum crack doesn't show.  No saggy bums or knees in these bad boys!

These 50s capri pants are great every day wear but equally, throw on a pair of heels and you've got a comfy night on the town outfit!

For day pair with these:

For night I go with these:

When I team these 50s capri pants with heels I get Sandy from Grease vibes.  You know the scene I mean.  Though when I reenact it (don't judge) I use a lolly instead of a cigarette and I don't get into a weird flying rollercoaster.  But still, I feel bad ass.



Charlotte Newell


Charlotte, aka Lottie, is an avid 1950s fan and is one the most coordinated team members we've ever had! She sews a lot in her spare time and won't tolerate a poorly fitting garment, so you know you're in safe hands with her.

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