White Dresses: Your Friend Not Your Enemy

I don’t want to jinx anything, but it looks like Summer is finally here (cue clap of thunder). The evenings are getting longer, we’re getting more wedding invites than we can shake a stylish, yet comfortable shoe at, and the Summer holidays are looming.
So, for your Summer wardrobes I’m going to suggest something both daring and delectable. It’s all about white! It’s a go-to favourite for tops and blouses, but often misses out on the dress front. I know some of my customers shy away from a white dress, so I’m here to tell you why one of our range of white dresses belongs in your Summer wardrobe.
First things first, a white dress is a great and more seasonally appropriate alternative to your little black dress. In the height of summer why wear black when classic white can do the job even better? Here at Revival Retro, our Stop Staring Billion Dollar Baby Dress Black is a classic go-to Little Black Dress, but in white it is sensational!
Those of you who know us will be aware that we always have a range of colours in Stop Staring’s Billion Dollar Baby Dress. We have a colour for every gal and, being a redhead, I am never out of my olive green BDB. As loyal as I am to my olive though, I have to say that the ivory billion dollar dress is simply breathtaking. This is ‘The’ white dress for all you Marilyns out there! It looks fabulous with a pop of colour, such as the Veronica shoe and some red lippy. This is the definition of a 50s wiggle dress- forget all that nonsense that white isn’t flattering and knock ‘em dead.
As much as it’s fun to be striking, you can also dress down your white dress with earth or pastel tones for an even toned daytime look. You keep that light, bright summer feeling but can temper the white with accessories and jewellery that signify your personal style and preference. How about the Salina Cardigan in sepia brown or dusky pink? Jewellery with a beautiful pacific opal stone or pastel shoe?
Salina Cardigan Brown      Vintage Flower Earrings      Salina Cardigan Pink
Chester Shoe Mint      Vintage Flower Bracelet      Chester Shoe Pink
Perhaps you’re a paler skinned girl like myself and white just serves to bring out the pink beneath the freckles. A white parasol will protect you from the sun AND will look absolutely adorable to boot. I love to swirl around with mine in my Pacific blue cheongsam.
The Marigold Dress is a little more demure, but no less flattering. For an effortless day look, it can be teamed with one of our Salina cardigans. I particularly like it with Sepia brown (see above) for a timeless, dreamy feel. Alternatively, it’s a fabulous option for a wedding dress (one that allows you to eat, dance and generally be a fabulous hostess).
 Though we are not a wedding specialist, we do get our fair share of brides. Women who seek an alternative to the expensive and luxurious wedding gowns offered by bridal boutiques will visit us for the perfect dress that feels special but more ‘them’. Whatever your wishes for your special occasion, be it a renewal, an anniversary, a second-time-around, we are here to listen to what you need and find you something you feel happy and comfortable in.
Of course white can also be striking. A statement. Luxurious. The Gatsby 1920s white dress in Ivory is a wonderful choice for an evening event or party. Summer always seems to lose out on sparkle, but not here. The white beading and sequin work catch the light beautifully and the long 1920s tassels dance with you as you charleston away. I’ve met women who have thrown parties just as an excuse to wear this dress! Team with a white feather hair clip and some silver heels and you’re set. Just stick to champagne instead of red wine…
Opal Bracelet      Gatsby Dress White      Janet Shoe Ivory
Beila Dress Polka      Lillie Shoe Ivory      Triple Strand Pearls
If you are wearing colour then white accessories can really brighten an outfit and show off your tan (whether the real deal or not). Think a dainty string of white pearls and a pretty heel like the Lillie and you’ve just totally transformed your look into easy bright vintage daywear.
I am loving our current range of Little White Dresses and I hope you have enjoyed my tips for when, where and how to wear them. Ask for me personally and I would be happy to help you put together an outfit.    
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