3 Ways to Wear: The Newport

The Newport dress is one of our most easy to wear dresses. I haven't met a lady that hasn't loved it. The stretchy fabric makes it super comfortable and practical- but its simplicity and elegance makes it truly wearable.


Throw it on during the day with some neutral toned low heels like these ones from Miz Mooz, a casual cardigan, muted make up and your glasses still on and you’re ready for work. If you have a cream or ivory beret now is the time to dig it out! Add in a pop of colour with this cute satchel bag and you're good to go.


For your wedding guest outfit, the balboa is a solid choice - you'll be on your feet for a good part of the day and they're super comfortable but still stunning. Anything with a hint of glitz and some navy or beige is a sensible choice here. The bow is already drawing everything to your upper half so nothing too in your face necklace-wise is necessary. Keep it simple yet sparkly with our Fancy Bows necklace and matching earrings that add sparkle without being over the top. 


Did I hear party? Break out the red accessories! Go big on the makeup side of things- I'm really into doing my hair in waves and wearing false eyelashes/extra mascara and some typical 1950s red lipstick for that pin up style. Add in the red Kelly bag to match in with the gorgeous Chelsea Crew Gatsby shoes and you're sorted!

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