Vintage Floral Pin Up Dress

It is no secret how much I love this vintage floral pin up dress.  


Wether you have been into our central London boutique or just follow us on social media, I can guarantee you have seen me in this dress on way more than one occasion!  Why do I wear it to death?  Because I love the colour, the pattern, the cut, the pockets and the little details like the button spacing.  But most of all I love it because I can wear it with a range of different accessories and colours making it a new outfit each time I wear it!  I'm in the negative with my cost per wear now!

My absolutely favourite way to wear this pin up floral dress is with the Emmy summer weight cardigan in fuchsia.  They're a match made in heaven!  

Sadly we're sold out of Emmy cardigans currently but do let us know if you would like to be put onto the wishlist to be notified of our next batch.  CONTACT US HERE 

Of course my ultimate accessory with this dress is my gold BALBOAS.  I find if I keep my shoes neutral (gold is totally a neutral) then I can throw on any colour cardigan and accessories that I desire.

A colour I hadn't thought of accessorising this vintage floral pin up dress with however was red.  I assumed it would clash with the pink of the flowers.  BUT once I saw the lovely Ella, aka Miss Victory Violet, pair it with red shoes and red bag I quickly realised how wrong I was!

You can purchase the shoes HERE and the bag HERE

Doesn't she look divine!  Ella has accessorised with the super popular Irma shoes by Chie Mihara (which we have nicknamed the apple pie shoes) and the gorgeous kelly bag in red.  

No clash happening at all!  Of course I'm now going to try accessorising the floral pin up dress with red!  Thanks for the inspiration Ella!

Shop the vintage floral pin up dress HERE.
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