A 1940s Outfit for Goodwood Revival

The popularity of the Goodwood Revival continues to grow and as we prepare for the 2018 event next month the question is "Have you got your outfit yet?".

If not head to our London store and our staff will be happy to help find you something appropriate or follow the links here for my recommended 1940s outfit.

The Goodwood Revival takes place outdoors in September so first thing on my mind is the good old British weather. There is nothing worse than being cold and miserable, it sucks all the enjoyment out of the day. So I'm going for an outfit that involves layers.

Miss Candyfloss Clemence Blazer

Firstly I want a statement piece that I am going to work the rest of my outfit around and what better than this beautiful new arrival from Miss Candyfloss the Clemence Blazer!

A stunning couture inspired jacket that makes me think of Dior's New Look. Using this statement jacket to ground me in late 1940s / early 1950s fashions I can look to my existing wardrobe to help me complete my look possibly with the help of some choice accessory additions to really make me look the part.

The jacket is a tan colour so I'm going to want a contrast colour on the bottom to make my statement 1940s blazer stand out. How about a black pencil skirt, you've probably got one in your wardrobe already so we don't have to buy a whole outfit. A dark colour instead of a matching tan colour skirt will be good too because you will want to sit down in public places without fear of marks and grass stains.


Miss Candyfloss Clothing London stockist


The jacket is lightweight so you want lightweight layers beneath. Lets start with a thermal vest ... if the sun does shine you can easy take it off in the toilets and this small item will slip easily in to your bag. For a top i recommend the Black Birdie top or the houndstooth Noemie top. These classic 1940s / 50s style tops will ensure you maintain your retro look even if you take the blazer off. They are also great easy staples to keep in your wardrobe for both work and play.

Now if you really are inclined to feel the cold then i recommend a lightweight cardigan to go over your top and under your Clemence blazer so your wearing another item with sleeves. Try one of the Emmy Delightful Daytime cardigans - choose your colour!

1940s outfit

Now some seamed stockings are going to help round off this 1940s outfit. If you've gone for a black pencil skirt then keep it classy with contrast black seams but if your working colour in like the burgundy cardigan then maybe burgundy seams.

Lastly but possibly most importantly a pair of 1940s shoes or similar style that are comfortable because you are likely going to be on your feet all day. I personally can wear heels all day as long as they are comfortable and the most cofortable high heels are certainly Chie Mihara. I'd want a closed toe style for an outdoor event so something like the Kamila. Tonally they would work with the tan blazer and the black skirt but I would bring it all together by using the colour of the shoes in the detail of my hat, a matching ribbon trim, feather or flower. Atelier Millinery have ready to wear hats in store they also do bespoke and they sell millinery supplies in store in case you want to make your own.

Comfy heels Chie Mihara

For a finishing touch perhaps a brooch on the blazer or cardigan would be the perfect accessory. Away you go.


Your Goodwood Revival 1940s outfit sorted!

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