Katherine Hepburn Style: Trousers

No doubt about it, one of my favourite all time style icons is Katharine Hepburn. That confident attitude, that knowing and slightly superior little smile, that high minded refusal to tow the line: Katharine Hepburn has self assured style and to me that's the most glamorous kind.
Hepburn never seems to hide behind a dress, she 'wears' her clothes, she wears them well. Images rarely depict her in a statement dress, instead it's Katharine who is making the statement. Whatever she wears, the style statement seems to be her own.
Katharine Hepburn is famous for wearing trousers both on and off screen. This wasn't exactly revolutionary but it was contrary to convention and it was definitely against the wishes of the studio heads who wished to mould a certain image for this star.
Having the confidence to create your own style, to own it and to wear it well, is something that we strive to help all our customers with. Katherine Hepburn is a great inspiration for us and this season in particular we are trying to channel some of that famous style with our range of co-ordinated separates.
We have 1940s Katherine Hepburn style Trousers, a matching jacket and 1940s style blouses to create a smart tailored look with a little vintage flair. The brown salt and pepper mix woven material is lightweight and not as hot or as scratchy as some wools and tweeds. We love this Katherine Hepburn inspired look. CLICK HERE
If you are looking for a new suit for work this is a great option if you want to retain a little creativity and individual style rather than the usual business wear. For leisure, with their classic tailoring these trousers cut a fantastic silhouette making them a great option for smart casual wear. Katharine Hepburn seemed to exude elegant style even when relaxed in a simple pair of trousers and a top. If we can borrow even a tiny bit of that seemingly effortless chic then smart tailored basics such as these 1940s trousers will be just the trick.
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