Pick your own bridesmaid dress

Are you one of the lucky women for whom the bride uttered those fabulous words ‘wear something you like!’

Bells ringing, Joyful day. There is hope. Celebration. (and that’s just in my heart, not even for the wedding day).


It’s easier said than done though. There are rules and conventions, often also colours and themes. But that’s ok…that’s good! A bit of guidance rather than everything in the world available as a choice. Even better? At Revival Retro we are here to help. You can come to our store and try things on, see what suits you. You can phone us and ask questions. You can browse our website for ideas and inspiration.

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Our top pieces of advice for picking your own bridesmaid dress are as follows:

  1. Choose a flattering neckline that sits well on the shoulders (you don’t want to see the photos after and regret your choice)
  2. Full length/ maxi dresses are lovely but let’s be practical. You’re the bridesmaid – you will be running around doing all the little tasks to help the bride. Midi (below the knee) might be better than maxi.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes (see above) – invest in comfortable shoes and wear them in before the day. Grimacing and wincing is not a good look for a bridesmaid!

If you are lucky enough to pick your own bridesmaid dress then choose something you will likely enjoy and have the opportunity to wear again. We have plenty that fit this bill for you to choose from.

Best of luck and get in contact if you need our help!

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