Chic Retro Dresses for Summer

We have a large selection of retro dresses at Revival but none have been as popular this summer as the NYlady Stop Staring dresses. Available in our boutique in a range of colours, and in swing skirt or pencil skirt varieties, we are in love with this sleeveless summer dress. Watch the video to find out why.




See the fabulous movement in the skirt of the NYlady swing dress or the sleek and chic elegance of the NYlady pencil dress. Stop Staring Dresses are known for their flattering fit on ladies of all shapes and sizes and this couldn't be more true of this retro dress.

Made from comfortable, high quality stretch fabrics we love the design elements that give it that edge of retro chic. What do I mean by 'retro chic'? Well with the Nylady I would define it as the femininity of Carrie Bradshaw meets the attitude of Betty Rizzo but how about you try it for yourself and decide.

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BUY the Stop Staring Dress NYlady | Pencil Skirt
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