The Small Awards Winner 2019 - Best Multi-Channel Small Business

I am very pleased to announce that Revival Retro is the 2019 winner of the 'Bricks & Clicks' Award at The Smalls.

The Small Awards are judged by some of the most well respected small business experts in the UK and it is an honour and a pleasure to be picked as the best multi-channel small business 2019.


Small Awards


In our awards application this is why we thought we were the right business to win this award:


  • We identify which channels will deliver the best return, working towards strategic goals.
  • Our boutique in central London is where people meet, where they interact with our products, it’s the intersection of all communication as well as being the physical hub for all logistics.
  • Our bricks and mortar shop is not just where we sell, it’s where we story tell.
  • The team in store create the content for our professional e-commerce website, This seamless and consistent delivery of information lends trust and legitimacy, helping us realise a high level of repeat custom.
  • With the boutique as our backdrop and our amazing team and customers bringing the products and place to life, we can evidence the quality of our offering and the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Social media, particularly Instagram, plays an important role connecting us with our existing customers and reaching new audience in a genuine and meaningful manner. We collaborate with influencers, suppliers and businesses in our community.
  • We are successfully growing our following and engagement which puts us in good stead as sales functionality is added to social platforms.
  • Reviewing the data, reading articles, seeking expert advice from and exchanging ideas with peers helps refine our channel delivery.

Though I wrote the awards application it's the whole team who contributes to making Revival Retro the best, therefor it was only right that I took the whole team to the awards ceremony.


Small Business Team


We have a great relationship with another small business, Atelier Millinery and kindly they offered to work the final hour and shut the shop so the entire team could go to the awards ceremony without us shutting the shop and risk letting down customers.

I am so glad we all went; it was right to acknowledge how much we had achieved just by being short listed even if we didn't win.

I think the team really appreciated it, you can read here the blog that full timer Charlotte wrote about the experience of being Small Awards Winners.


Small Business Award Winners


We did win, however, and it's a marvellous feeling. Fantastic to be recognised by industry experts, wonderful to hear our customers rejoicing in the win and inspiring as we continue to strive to do better.


Award winning small business


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