Small Awards Winner 2017

by Team Revival June 06, 2017

In May 2017 Revival Retro won 'The Beat Goes On' Award at The Small Awards. In this interview owner and founder Rowena Howie explains what place music has in her London based small business.



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Revival Retro is a small business based in London, England. An independent shop and e-commerce store that continues to win multiple awards for everything from it's in-store experience to it's digital media strategy. 


Having a bricks and mortar shop means a lot to owner Rowena Howie. Small businesses like Revival Retro excel at creating experiences, building community and focussing on products that they are genuinely passionate about. Music weaves it's way through every part of that process as far as she is concerned. This award really managed to encapsulate some of the most important things about our brand.


If you a small business interested in entering for an award, check out The Small Awards. There are a variety of categories relevant to lots of different types of business. Even better if you are shortlisted you get invited to a glitzy awards ceremony.


The Small Awards



The Awards ceremony was so much fun, there was lot's of audience participation and Rowena was nominated captain of the table, in charge of everyone feeling included and enjoying the celebration.

The whole team was very proud to be finalists and Rowena attended with shop manager Sarah. When it was announced that Revival Retro was not just shortlisted but had won their category there was much excitement. 


Rowena Howie small business owner


Small businesses work very hard and the people in them are often passionate about what they do. Awards are not just an acknowledgement of what's been achieved they are also a way to inspire the whole team to do better.






Team Revival


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