Rowena Howie Speaks to Marketplace

If you live in the south east of England, you'll probably be well aware of Crossrail and the delays that the project has experienced. Rowena has recently spoken to Marketplace, a US based website, about the impact of these delays on small businesses in London.

Like other small businesses located near the planned terminuses of the new line, the expectation of increased footfall brought by Crossrail was an important factor in Rowena's choice for Revival Retro's present location. Yet continued Crossrail works, station closures, disrupted customer commutes and delays bring the opposite effect - reducing footfall and decreasing dwell time.

Revival Retro Owner, Rowena Howie, Stands in her Shop

Just one of many challenges facing small bricks and mortar businesses in the capital, the uncertainty around the Crossrail project may bring yet more casualties to our high streets. 

You can read the full article here.

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