Posted by: Rowena Howie on January 06, 2018

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Business Entrepreneur Rowena Howie

In 2017 our owner and founder Rowena Howie participated in the British Library's Innovating for Growth Programme (I4G) part of the London Business & IP centre. Here's a brief interview with her for their blog.

Revival Retro earned a place on the programme as part of Rowena's effort to scale the business by creating our own designs. Revival Retro clothing has a simple USP it fits and flatters curvy women's shapes. Why can we not find jackets cut for bigger busts, why doesn't high street clothing have flattering cuts designed to accommodate a bust to waist or hip to waist ratio beyond a stick insect or a sausage?

Read Rowena's blog to find out more about our first garments to go on sale, flattering jackets for curvy women. Click here.

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