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by Rowena Howie March 05, 2020

The owner of our independent boutique, Rowena Howie, was interviewed by Marc Ashdown for BBC London News this afternoon.

Marc Ashdown BBC London News interviews small business owner Rowena Howie about coronavirus impact

Describing the interruptions to UK small business that are likely to happen over the next 6-18 months, Rowena used the example of a London shoe designer that supplies our small shop, Miss L Fire Shoes. 
Unable to visit China to collaborate with the factory on the techical designs for the shoe range or visit the markets to source leathers, it puts into question whether businesses will be able to develop new products for next season and bring this to market in time.

For a small shop that relies on small business suppliers who produce products that are special and different it's difficult to source alternative brands and if there was an interruption to the supply chain this would affect our business.

Small businesses are incredibly resilient though and we will work to overcome any challenges that Coronavirus presents.
Revival Retro will work with all it's suppliers to maintain our award winning boutique offering including our marvellous range of womens shoes.

Shoe Shop London BBC News coronavirus impact


Rowena Howie


Lover of beautiful things and amazing people. Explorer and Entrepreneur. This is my independent shop, whether you visit our London boutique or browse our online offering it is my vision that our wonderful team is working hard to bring to life.

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