Revival Retro supplies the green shoes in the Lloyds Bank advert

by Rowena Howie March 02, 2015

Did you spot those beautiful shoes in the 2015 ‘Thank You Sally’ Lloyds Bank advert?

The green shoes used in the television advert were sourced from our specialist store The Revival Retro Boutique in central London.

Revival sells a wide range of beautiful, vintage inspired shoes. The designs are inspired by 1920s, 1930s and 1940s styles but the production is new and these beautiful vintage shoes are available in store in a range of sizes.

We are a trusted source for stylists looking for something noteworthy, exceptional or interesting. We often assist production companies sourcing for TV, film and Theatre.

Our shoe range is so unique and special that we are often approached by theatre, film, tv and publications looking to source our amazing shoes.

Buy the green shoes featured in the Lloyds Bank advert.

See Revival Retro’s current range of vintage inspired shoes.

See the full advert

Rowena Howie


Lover of beautiful things and amazing people. Explorer and Entrepreneur. This is my independent shop, whether you visit our London boutique or browse our online offering it is my vision that our wonderful team is working hard to bring to life.

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