Whisky Club - 27th February

Whisky club


After the roaring success of our St Andrews Day Whisky Club, we're thrilled to say we're back for another evening of whisky tasting. This time we'll be looking at whisky "finished" in different casks.

Did you know that whiskies are sometimes put into old rum or sherry barrels to give them their finished flavour a slightly different taste? Well you'll soon know all about it! 

Don't worry if you didn't make the last one session! This is a fun and accessible evening in the relaxed atmosphere of our boutique. 

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Guests are welcome to arrive from 6.30pm but the event will not officially begin until 7pm, when the shop closes, and will continue until 9pm. 

This event is open to all friends old and new. After all, the first rule of whisky club is tell everyone about whisky club. 

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