Vintage Blogger Meet Up - Part Two

In part one of 'Vintage Blogger Meet Up' we talked about our Instagram addiction and how this led us to invite a bunch of creative and inspiring women to London to meet us. That first installment showed what happened in store but now I will show you what happened next!

It was really nice being able to introduce everyone to our boutique, especially those who had flown over from Europe. They had never visited the shop previously but as nice as it is to show off our amazing store, I also wanted some quality time to get to know these girls, to ask them about their inspiration, their everyday style and their hopes and aspirations. What better way than over tea and cake and a natter!!!


Vintage Bloggers Afternoon Tea


What a genuinely lovely day it was. There are few women in the world who don't suffer some level of anxiety when walking into a room full of people they don't know, when meeting people they have respected and admired for so long or meeting girls who are known for being amazingly stylish, stunning, savvy. So the fact that every single person was down to earth, genuinely friendly and fun to be around was just the best thing ever. We relaxed, talked and swapped ideas about our personal journeys.


MissVictoryViolet Vintage Blogger afternoon


Being from different countries, being different ages and each having our unique personal experiences it was interesting conversation and I was so glad I had arranged it. Each woman in attendance has their own style and it was also interesting to see what outfits they chose from the store and why they liked them.


Vintage Style Dress


Vintage Maedchen Victoria chose our 'Eliza' Vintage Style Dress. This beautiful dress features a very special art deco fan print and the black and tan colours with contrast black velvet details makes it just perfect for any occasion. Buy it now.


Vintage Bloggers


NoraFinds chose a different dress but of a similar theme. Again using an art deco fan print but the motif is bigger and this time a chocolate and cream colour printed on satin. This is a true wrap dress and comes with a matching chocolate underslip included in the price. Click here to see more of this 1940s wrap dress because it features a a beautiful gathered trim at the bottom of the skirt. Buy Now.


Stop Staring Dress Newport opted for a sensational fitted dress that just looked so classy. We loved it. This is one of our most popular dresses that we restock again and again because it's just so good. Sandra agrees - you can read her review here. Or click here to buy the dress.


Stop staring Dress daywear


I don't want to show you every single outfit in this post, after all, there is more to read about over on our staff recommendations section. What i would like to say in closing though, is thankyou to all who attended. We had such a lovely day and these girls have some really interesting things to say so go check out their blogs and instagram feeds.

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