Help Us Celebrate 10 Years!

Small Business Saturday is on 7 December in 2019. As always we will be encouraging customers, friends, neighbours and pretty much everyone to mark the date, spread the word and support small.

This year though it's a special celebration: in 2019 our small business turns ten years old. So this year we are starting the celebrations early, in fact we start now!

For Small Business Saturday 2019 I want to invite you to share your earliest or your favourite memory of Revival Retro. Share it with us on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter and tag @RevivalRetro #RRTurnsTen, email us or visit us and write it down in the store.

We are going to collect all these stories from the past ten years and fill our windows with them for all to see. We will physically print shared stories and photos out and tape them in the windows, we want to collect tens and hundreds of stories. We want to hear your memories, what something meant to you, who, what, where when, why? How have we helped? What did we do? What happened to you?


London shop


If you tag us on social or share it digitally we will print it out to place in the windows to share all the stories with passers by, new customers, visitors to the local neighbourhood. Do you have photos? We would love to see! 

It's so important us to celebrate the past ten years. To have made it this far is an achievement in our industry, for a small business in these times, for a bricks and mortar independent shop in the UK's political and economic climate!

We celebrate the tenth anniversary since Rowena founded the company amidst the recognition of what small businesses everywhere represent. How important small businesses are to communities, as employers, for the economy...

Please get involved!


Independent Shop London

 Our first shop in Kingly Court. Rowena's swing dance friends were our first customers and there was often dancing in the shop.

ReMix vintage Shoes

 Shoe haul! Regular buying trips to the USA meant Revival Retro had the biggest and best selection of vintage style shoes.


Shoe Shopping

Excited staff members always eager to be the first to try on new deliveries. Their knowledge and expertise is paramount when shopping with us.


Swing Dance Shoes

Did you know that our small business was borne out of Rowena's love of swing dancing? What started out as a hobbypreneur venture turned into an award winning womenswear boutique in London's West End.


Small Business Saturday 2019

All our team members are multi-talented. Charlotte has been instrumental in the development of our own range of clothing including sewing up toiles and helping with customer insights for product development.


Stop Staring Dresses

One of our first photoshoots! Friend Jana stands on a coffee table in my living room to model the latest pieces, in front of a printed backdrop. I attempted to crop edit and format these for the 'new' website.


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