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The world is dealing with an unprecedented challenge, the threat of a global pandemic that is not only taking lives but is changing the way we live, work and interact with others, now and for the future.

There is fear and uncertainty and some people are scared. My heart goes out to everyone who is infected or affected by the COVID-19 virus.


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In my small part of the world no-one in our networks has tested positive for the virus but many are self isolating or social distancing. At this critical time when we haven't yet seen the peak of the infection, precaution is key. 

The boutique may be closed so check our news feed or social media to check  before setting off to visit us. We are operating on a skeleton staff because of government policies that if anyone in your household is symptomatic everyone should self isolate and as new information is available we are updating our policies and procedures.

We are following all the advice, ensuring that we adhere to best standards of cleanliness in the boutique, ensuring our people are safe and supported and our customers are best served with changing needs addressed.


  • You can email us
  • You can chat with us on Facebook and Instagram.
  • You can telephone us on 0207 636 8922 during business hours
  • You don't have to visit the shop, we will do our best to extend our knowledge, expertise and styling advice to you in your home. Get in contact and if you want to set up a video call or want to discuss delivery and returns processes that best suit your needs just get in touch.
  • You can buy online, we expect to be able to ship orders (more info)


At Revival Retro we love our customers but we also rely on you. Your continued custom allows us to keep the business running, to keep the staff employed, to keep up demand for our amazing suppliers, to contribute to our community, local neighbourhood and the UK economy.

For our small business this isn't about profit, it's about people. Yes we have to make commercial decisions but any good commercial decision is driven by prioritising people not by profit in my opinion. Where you shop matters and right now every penny counts towards our small business survival and once we are past this to our recovery.

Every order big or small, really matters to our small business and we are grateful for each and every one, on a day to day basis right now.

Of course we will be more flexible on returns and hope you will be understanding in any delays to deliveries while we all try to manage through this.

We really want to still be here for you once we are passed the worst of this. So thank you in advance for any support you give us be it a purchase, a shout out, a recommendation to a friend or ideas and feedback on how we can better meet your needs at this time.

There's no gimmicks, no discounts, no specials here, just a message that any support you give is really, truly, appreciated.


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