October Thursdate with the Revival Girls

It's that time of year again where the nights begin to draw in and even though the holiday season is not so far away now, we need a little something to look forwards to.

Hello to the return of Thursday, now moved to the first Thursday of the month to make it more pocket friendly. A lot of you regular attendees lamented having to miss some nights previously when payday hasn't fallen in the right spot- hopefully this remedies it!

So whether you need to shake of those autumn blues, or seek an excuse to parade your new season wardrobe, or you're keen for just any reason for cocktails, come join us!  Call it a networking event, call it a blind mate date, call it a posh knees up, whatever you like, just get yourself along to the boutique for 6pm on Thursday 6th October.

Join us Revival girlies for a catch up and natter, and perhaps something from your wishlist... Once we have all arrived, we'll sashay off to the nearest fabulous establishment, sup delicious cocktails, and swap gossip, styling tips, moans, groans and lots and LOTS of giggles!

Click HERE to rsvp to the event!

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