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On Sunday 23rd July we brought a little slice of tropical paradise to grey London and celebrated our 6th birthday with bubbles, inflatables and cake.  Oh so much cake.

We're still working our way through everything despite people taking doggy bags home!

With it being a birthday party we had to have party games.  We thought we'd keep things light hearted and fun with jenga but we didn't realise how nail biting it would be!

Now hook a duck was a little more relaxing.  We had a paddling pool filled with ducks which you simply had to hook...

With some being 'lucky duckies' which if you hooked one, you won a prize!  Hurrah!


Some found the free flowing procsecco made it rather difficult to actually hook any ducks at all let alone lucky ones!  But those who were lucky got to choose a prize for our pool of prizes!

But even that was difficult for some!

All our prize winners were very pleased with their goodies.  Here's some showing off what they got:

Some weren't as lucky....

Yup I didn't get lucky.  Which is a shame because I wrapped the prizes and knew exactly which one I would pick! 

Of course when we weren't competing, we were doing what we do best: chatting!

It was just lovely to have a day hanging out with some of our favourite people.  We are super lucky to know so many fabulous folk!

 Come home time, after 5 hours of drinking, playing games, eating cake and laughing until our cheeks hurt, these were the last ones standing:

We really couldn't have asked for a better day so thank you to all of you who came.  
Now what are we going to do with the inflatables?!


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