Posted by: Rowena Howie on November 14, 2017

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Do you fell like "December is here and I haven't even started my Christmas Shopping!".
Are you pushed for time but know you need to get organised? Let us help. If a weekend trip to the shops is out of the question then it might help to know that we are opening late on Monday 4th December to solve all of your Christmas shopping needs.

Get your Gifts at London shop Revival Retro

You can get a new dress for yourself while shopping gifts for others. Revival Retro is the best place for finding a gift that is special and different.

If you know our boutique and our team then you know you won't have any problem finding lots of beautiful items, from secret santa gifts to more thoughtful personalised choices.

LOndon shop
Now, ladies, if you feel that you don't need to come in then consider who else might need to? Could you share this link with a partner, family member or anyone else who doesn't know what to buy you for Christmas? Send them to Revival Retro and you know you will get something you will like!

Monday 4th December 2017 until 8.30pm. I'll see you there.

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