Adventures in textile design! | 27 September

Palava illustrated print

When we are young, we are encouraged to develop skills in areas where we display natural talent. But what about all the things we always dreamed of doing, and were too scared to try?

Can anyone learn to dance, cook, write, draw - if you really put your mind to it?

Bryony Richardson of Palava, hand illustrates every print herself A self taught illustrator and designer, she started the company as a small childrenswear brand ten years ago and has seen it develop into womenswear and homeware - with stockists all over the world.

Much of what she has achieved has been down to experimenting creativity, always trying to learn new skills - and simply not giving up!

Bryony Richardson Textile Designer


Whether you dream of being a textile designer for a career choice, are interested in it purely on a hobbyist level or are up for learning about anything and everything, this evening is for you!

The talk will give insights into the fashion and textiles industry from the creative perspective of a successful designer but it will also explore the idea that anyone can learn new skills, at any age. During the evening we will get you hands on with a creative task to help you experiment and explore what's been discussed.


Rita Dress Palava


Tickets to this event are £5 per person. Limited capacity means it's best to buy tickets in advance so you don't chance being turned away at the door.

Ticket entry includes a drink and a goody bag!


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