London's Chap Olympiad. We're going to the highlight of the sporting season!

The Chap Olympiad
A sporting event unlike any other, the Chap Olympiad is an event celebrating elegant fashions and good old-fashioned panache!
Held at Bedford Square in London, just a stone’s throw away from our boutique on Windmill Street, every year since 2005 The Chap Olympiad is hosted by The Chap Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine celebrating all things that they think make a gentleman like tweed, pipes and properly kept facial hair. But you won’t find any traditional sports at this Olympiad, instead of classic track and field sports prepare yourself to witness a lot of well dressed chaps and chapettes competing in such events like umbrella jousting, bread basketball, beach volleybowler and the pipeathlon to name a few.
But it’s not just the events that separate this sporting event from all others; this is one Olympiad where athleticism isn’t the most important skill to have to win. At the Chap Olympiad style and panache are even more valued than your athletic ability. You will be awarded more points for keeping your trouser creases immaculate, than actually winning in an event.
For those who prefer to relax and watch others be athletic, bring a blanket, picnic basket and some friends for some great entertainment and people watching! The competitors aren’t the only people dressed to impress at The Chap Olympiad, even the spectators wear their finest to lounge in.


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But, what to wear Ladies (and Gents opposed to Chaps)? If you have read the magazines regular feature 'Am I Chap?' and the answer is 'not quite' but you do want to get into the spirit of things then Revival can help you look your most fabulous self for this event!
For a wonderfully sweet summer look that takes it’s inspiration from the 1950s, go with one of these lovely flowery frocks
with a circle skirt or if you aren’t too keen on flower prints we have our Marigold dress in a wonderful pacific blue! You’ll also need some fab shoes to strut about in while watching others compete for the coveted Chap trophy (or when you’re competing yourself of course).
Nothing says summer quite like an ivory or cream coloured shoe together with your beautiful flower print dress. (pic of Lillie, Chester, Betty, Gramercy). Top it all off with an elegant pearl necklace with matching earrings and bracelet and you are ready to go!
If you’d rather go for a classical elegant look, go for Raileen! Invoking the stylish 1930s with its flutter skirt, scoop neckline and sweet lace details. Paired together with Anita in red, the Rose Hairslides and a glas of Pimms in your hand, you’ll look just like a stylish English lady enjoying herself on a lovely summer’s day! Or how about a pair of our summer weight 1940s High Waist Trousers with a blouse of your choice (and maybe even a tie!). You tell us the look you want to achieve. We are here to help.
Don’t worry, gents, we haven’t forgotten about you! In the matching Casablanca waistcoat and trousers in a dashing ivory, you will most definitely score high remarks from the judges before you’ve even entered any of the competitions!
So swing by the shop or our website to get your outfit sorted and we’ll see you at The Chap Olympiad on the 11th July!
Article written by Isabella. 
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