1st Feb: First Thursdate of 2018!

After taking January off for our Thursdates we're back on February the 1st. This time, we'll be doing something a little bit different.

Over the course of this year we've discovered that a lot of the ladies who join us for a catch up every month are actually very talented cooks and bakers. True, some of them can't cook for toffee, but they happen to know where the *best* snacks are to be found in London town, and that in itself is a skill worth having.

So, this February, when we've recovered from the no-mans' land of January but we're still feeling the pinch, we're going to have a Pot Luck Thursdate! Please RSVP to us in the Facebook event or by email- and let us know if you can bring something sweet or savoury.  If you're happy to bring either, let us know and we shall assign you one or the other depending on the replies so far.

Please remember to bring your goodies in a tupperware, in case we don't finish it and you need to take it home. I will unashamedly re-house any unclaimed tupperware, full disclosure. Also, soup or things that need dishing out probably aren't a good idea- we're definitely keeping it to finger food!!

We will also combine the potluck with a BYOB. Bring those odd bottles of odd liqueurs, odd bottles of wine or even chocolate liqueurs that Santa brought over the holiday period. You may hate the schnapps that great aunt Mildred gave you, but Lottie and Jo might end up fighting over the last sip. You think I'm joking....

I hope you can join us. We'll start at 7pm. If you need to catch up on your shopping (which is highly likely, you know how gorgeous our things are and you'll have been good all month), then please come earlier. 

See you soon!

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