We're Recruiting: But What's it Like to Work Here?

Rosie joined the team last year, and as the newest member we asked her to blog about what it's REALLY like to be on the team. 

I still remember the first time I came to Revival. I was looking for a bridesmaids dress for my sister’s wedding. We’d finally found her dress, and as soon as we stepped out of the door, my sister delighted with her purchase, I realised it was my time to shine - a vintage repro boutique across the way - don’t mind if I do!

I had a fantastic time with the best service, trying on tonnes of beautiful 40s and 50s style dresses and shoes. By the end of the day myself and my sister matched, having both found the dresses we wanted. I even remember the shop assistant warning me I’d need to hide the dress I’d picked out - the Billion Dollar Baby Dress by Stop Staring - as there’s no way I wouldn’t want to wear it before ‘the’ day. And it’s those engaging, honest conversation pieces which still stand out for me today - because she certainly wasn’t wrong!

Despite that day being over 3 years ago and becoming a pretty loyal customer I still don’t think I was fully sure for what would happen when the tables were turned and I started working at Revival last year.

It’s got all the same messages and ideals I knew; positivity, confidence, loving yourself - except now I get the joy of helping other people with that. Encouraging them to try on something they wouldn’t usually pick out and realising that they DO have the figure for it. The great thing about these vintage style reproductions is that they’re made for the body of the modern woman anyway. So, just because you previously thought you couldn’t wear 1950s dresses due to not having “that” hourglass figure doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t any more. And I love seeing people realise that and actually look like they’re enjoying trying clothes on for once, rather than retreating to the shoes - “because at least my feet are still the same size”.

All this before we’ve even discussed what it’s like being part of the most exciting and passionate team. No two days are the same, especially when you’re being asked to dance around the shop for “instagram purposes”. Yes that’s a legitimate thing and definitely part of the job. (You can see that little gem and others on the team Instagram here!)

Yes, there are the factors you get in other retail jobs, but the environment and atmosphere is certainly different. Gone are boring days stood behind a till and stacking shelves. Now there’s real customer interaction, providing a real service, writing blogs, jumping around in front of a camera, and my favourite part: helping customers discover a lot more about themselves. I’m not sure you get all that in a ‘normal’ day’s work elsewhere.

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