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Searching for high quality vintage clothing or shoes is harder than you might think.
In recent years, the term 'vintage' has come to have such a broad application! For someone born in 2001 or later, even the eighties and nineties are seen as ‘vintage’, whereas to most of our readers it might simply be their youth.

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For us here at Revival, 80s and 90s clothing is merely ‘second-hand clothing’ or what you might find at a charity shop. Now, it’s rare to find an original piece of 1940s clothing or a beautiful 1920s dress down your local charity shop. Even many ‘vintage shops’ rarely seem to have what we would consider true vintage clothing. They too seem to be more of a glorified jumble sale than a treasure chest of rarities and one of a kind pieces.

Excellent vintage specialists are around. Plenty aficionados will publish up to date lists of recommendations just check social media as a starting point.  Nowadays, original vintage clothing from the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s is often fragile or too well worn. Antiques? Or spectacle to behold rather than a piece of clothing that we would be willing to spoil with repeated wash and wear.

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And so our enjoyment of vintage clothing turned to new clothing inspired by 1920s, 1930s and 1940s fashions. As our finds became such rare occurrences and in order to preserve those beautiful antiques, we choose instead to wear new retro clothing inspired by our favourite bygone eras.
Besides what’s the point of wearing something unless you can be comfortable in it and enjoy it. I’d hate to stand statuesque at the side of the room lest my vintage dress accidentally rips at a fragile shoulder seam. Part of my style is presenting myself as confident and comfortable, outgoing and stylish, I can’t be that when I’m being overly cautious and careful.
So if, like me, you enjoy classic style I recommend having a look at our extensive selection of vintage inspired clothing available from our UK store.

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Whilst I recommend new vintage inspired clothing I am a bit picky. One thing that attracted me to the originals from these decades is that they were largely well designed, well made garments, made from high quality fabrics. These treasured hand me downs were loved and respected. So, when I see mass produced, poor quality reproductions I am always so disappointed. I do like that there are cheaper price points which means vintage is accessible to everyone, that is a good thing, but at the same time, I feel like something has been lost in translation.

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So at my own shop in London, which you can shop here online, you will find a curated collection of what I and my team consider to be the best. What is revival style? It’s a revival of classic and iconic looks that are new, never worn and available in a range of sizes. You can wash it and wear it to your heart’s delight. We are sticklers for high quality, well made, sustainable vintage inspired clothing. 

If you've read this blog and you've found yourself nodding in agreement then i suggest you take a look at our curated decade collections. You might just find a new treasured piece that you love to wear.

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