Trade Show Visits 2020

Whilst the storms rage on outside, we are busy at trade shows sourcing for summer! It's always a welcome relief from the rain to fantasise about the sunny days we are buying for, but it can be tricky when all you want to do at that point in time is snuggle under a blanket.

This year was very exciting as we got to fly to New York and attend trade shows there. The biggest one is called Coterie and although it was smaller than previous years, I'm glad I had my walking boots on as we sure covered a lot of ground! 

New York trade show Coteier

Within Coterie there is also Sole Commerce which, you guessed it, is all about shoes. Now we are very picky when it comes to footwear. Beautiful, special, different, practical and comfortable is what we're looking for and so we find it quite difficult. We did however fall in love with some shoes from Re-mix...but we can't show you yet. So here is a picture of Rowena and Shari from Re-mix instead!

New York Trade Show Remix Vintage Shoes

After Coteier we hit the next show on our list: Designers and Agents. 

New York Trade Shows

Here we found some great small independent designers who are doing really interesting things. It was so inspiring to walk around and chat about their inspirations. Of course we have a particular soft spot for cool women owned businesses so stumbling across Kim was an absolute blessing.

designers and agents nyc feb 20

She was so friendly and made some truly beautiful and unique pieces. Very talented! We have a got our eyes on an incredible belt but we don't give the game away so here's a picture of Rowena lusting over a leather clutch bag instead...

New York Trade Show

Once back in London we headed to our favourite London trade show: London Edge.

 London Edge Trade Show

London Edge is full of lots of alternative brands from goth to retro and everything in between. It was so lovely to catch up with lots of our suppliers and view their new collections in person as up until now we'd only seen small line drawings, pictures of swatches and photographs of samples.

I was particularly excited to meet Samantha from Charlie Stone as I have been a big fan of her shoes since we started stocking them in our central London boutique last year.

London Edge Trade Show

The whole collection is beautiful but I have fallen head over heels in love with one in particular...

Behold! Athina in blush:

London Edge Trade show

Isn't she just the PERFECT match for our new Own Range Piccadilly dress?! A heavenly combo if I say so myself. Do you agree? Then drop us an email and get yourself on the wish list for them now!

Piccadilly dress

My other absolute favourite pick from London Edge is this brand new print from House of Foxy.

London Edge Trade Show

I'm a big fan of vintage novelty prints so this really ticks a lot of boxes for me! I can't wait for it to arrive. I'm already picturing myself accessorising it with our black Berkley belt and new Delightful Daytime cardigans.

Roll on the deliveries! 
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