The SS17 Bloggers Shoe Party- Part One

When you're an independent central London store, you specialise in vintage style shoes, and it's new season delivery time... and you have so many gorgeous shoes you can't fit them all on the shoe shelf... there's only one thing for it.... a special shoe party!

Above: Nora and Ella chatting by our shoe shelf. See our shoe collection HERE.
We wanted to do another gathering similar to our blogger event last year. It was so fun meeting new faces in real life- social media can bring together like minded ladies from all walks of life - but nothing beats meeting face to face. That's why we have a bricks and mortar store in central London and not just a website. Interacting with fellow humans is far nicer. Plus, then you can try on all of the things! (Because no matter how lovely the website, just isn't the same on the internet.)

Above: Incase you missed the buzz on Sunday on instagram, we had @LadyEccentrikb (aka Eccentrik), @MrsBowRetro (aka Gem), @MissLillianLove (aka Lizzie), @ScarlettLuxe (aka Scarlett), me (@revivalretro_teamlondon and @LazyVintageGal), @MissDuPenny (aka Emily), @GreyhoundVintage (aka Lori), @HettieSky (aka Hettie), and our good friends @NoraFinds (aka Nora) and @MissVictoryViolet (aka Ella)... and if you're not following them yet you should, they are a lovely bunch of ladies and all stylish in their  own stylish way!

Above: Gem admiring the Addies in Green
The plan of the day was to try on all the lovely new shoes, break for lunch, and then have some fun photo times with our friend and photographer Tory. (Our iconic shoe shelf is currently heaving under the strain of gorgeous Chie Mihara, ReMix Vintage shoes, Chelsea Crew, Miss L Fire and a small selection of Miz Mooz, and we haven't even mentioned the new season clothes that have steadily been arriving!)

Above: I'll have what she's having! The Irma heel in Red
Once every body arrived and was sufficiently caffeinated, we all fell upon the shoes with great delight. We had a chorus line of the Irma heel by Chie Mihara, clusters of the Eva in Green by ReMix, and Javitz, Lola and Gatsby from Chelsea Crew flying left right and centre!

Above: Scarlett admires the Lola Heel in red. (As Gem, looking on, wears the green)
One of the other reasons we love bringing ladies together like this is because, especially when buying vintage shoes online, you often don't know what you're letting yourself in for. We heard a lot of 'I've wanted to try these for ages'! Decent 40s shoes that fit a modern foot are hard to come by, and we pride ourselves on having excellent vintage style shoes that are comfortable and wearable. I'm always telling ladies in store that life is too short for uncomfortable shoes- and it's true! So tell your friends- when it comes to vintage shoe shopping in London, it's got to be at Revival!

Above: Hetty certainly was happy to have her hands on these much-lusted-after shoes! We're down to 2 sizes in the Metrico.
Chie Mihara shoes are hard to find in stores, so we're particularly proud to be a Chie Mihara London stockist. Many of the ladies who came on Sunday had never tried one in real life and felt its quality before.

Above: Rowena, who as founder and CEO of Revival is also a massive shoe addict, explains the quality of leather and designs of the Eva heel to Lizzie, Gem and Emily.
We're the only UK stockist of ReMix Vintage Shoes and have unrivalled knowledge of their fit and leathers. A few of the ladies attending already owned a pair, but to the uninitiated they all agreed they belong on the 'need' and not 'want' list! The Lillie style was the most bought, but Eva definitely stole the heart of more than one lady....

Above: Emily wanders around in the Javitz, which went charmingly well with her peach vintage dress.
The Chelsea Crew shoes were well received, as they are a great vintage style shoe at a purse friendly price. Javitz and Gatsby were the most popular, closely followed by Lola and Sergi.

Above: Eccentric is about to try on the Lillies in black and Ivory. She didn't take them off all afternoon!
The afternoon was an absolute hoot, as the our lady guests attacked the rails and put together some great outfits, and had individual shots with Tory by our gorgeous antique 3-panel mirror. We also pretended to be mannequins in the window!!
Intrigued? You should be! Check out the part two of this blog....
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