The SS17 Bloggers Shoe Party- Part Three

- this is the final of three blogs, find the first one HERE and the second HERE - 

After morning of trying on all the new shoes and dresses, the afternoon was filled with posing, pouting and some, frankly, hilarious modelling. (Some of the gals had to peel away to other commitments, but it just meant there was less competition for the changing rooms!)

Left: Ella in the Billion Dollar Baby. Right: Scarlett in the Raileen
The idea was that everyone would have a one-on-one with Tory our photographer, with a slightly more traditional approach to having portraits taken.... and then we'd also pretend to be shop mannequins in the window!

Left: Emily in the Josephine. Right: Hettie in the Side Tie Blouse and 30s 40s Trousers. (Jacket is hers)
...And, if we've ever met in our London store, you'll know I'm a big fan of silly photos!! So it seemed only natural that there would need to be silly pictures as well.

Left: Lizzie in the Floral Vintage 50s Dress. Right: Gem in the Retro Striped Dress
A great day was had by all! I was so happy to meet some of the ladies we've been admiring online from afar and bring them together. Definitely worth getting out of bed early on a Sunday for!

To see more of the fun we had visit our Instagrams- both the main account and the London team's.
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