The SS17 Bloggers Shoe Party- Part Two

- This is part 2 of a 3 part series, find part one HERE-

The thing is, having a shoe event in a store that also has gorgeous clothes will INEVITABLY lead to trying on of the clothes. "Oh no", I hear you cry, "such a shame"...!

It took longer than I thought, to be honest, before one of our guests asked if she could try some items on. We were about an hour into gleeful shoe trying and selfie taking, and then the seal was broken!

Above: Hetty, yours truly, Rosie and Gem admire Ella's Boomerang skills! This was shortly after doing the line up of ladies in the Irma heel. 

Above: Emily (left) and Ella (right) loved the print of our cotton dresses that just arrived. They both have pockets! (And all ladies present very seriously agreed this is a vital element in a dress) Emily is in the Cotton Floral Vintage 50s Dress, and Ella is in the Cotton Floral Pin Up Dress.
Ella loved this dress so much she actually made it top of her Love List for March!

Lori and Hettie were an absolute hoot and did some great posing for us with our mannequin who was also wearing the same outfit. Cue lots of headless jokes and puns!
Want their look? Find the Side Tie Blouse HERE and these stunning mulberry 30s 40s trousers HERE.

Above: Lori and Hettie posing with my headless friend. She's friendly enough, but never laughs at my jokes. I'm never waiting for her to finish her hair and make up before we going out, though....

Above: Lizzie (left) and Eccentrik (right) fell in immediate love with the Eliza dress. You can't really go wrong with a strong sweetheart neckline, and that velvet trim is gorgeous!

Above: Gem looked beyond cute as a button in this Retro Striped Dress. Yes, it has pockets, and that line of buttons really is such a simple eye catching detail you'll wonder why you don't already have this dress in your wardrobe!

Scarlett fell for this cracking Daywear Classic from Stop Staring. I loved her red hair with the monochrome plaid, it really lifted the look. It also worked really well with the Retro Handbag that she paired it with.

There was plenty of trying on, but the *real* hilarity began when we posed as mannequins in the window!! You'll want to click through to the third blog HERE for those!
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