Revival Retro finishes the 2017 Wedding Fair Season

At the beginning of this year, the team at Revival thought it would be a good idea if we ventured into the otherwise unknown world of The Wedding Fair, and I was tasked with being the intrepid explorer. We decided at this point in proceedings not to step outside the comfort of the M25, but agreed that fairs both mainstream  and vintage would be a great place to showcase our gorgeous dresses and vintage style shoes.

We regularly have brides, maids and mums visit the shop for anything from a gorgeous little pair of earrings to a full blown, top to toe ensemble. So, we carefully gathered together a collection of our most popular 'wedding' pieces of vintage style dresses, vintage shoes, gloves, jewellery, handbags, hats and stockings (phew!), and packed them into a van. (Along with 3 mannequins, a vintage dressing table, some display plinths and a stash of chocolate to keep me going.)

Whether at Excel London Exhibition Centre, which is ginormous, or an intimate local town hall, exhibitors were showing dresses, venues, cars, honeymoon destinations, flowers, photography, teeth whitening kits, the lot! Some brides were planning for a wedding a few months away, others for a wedding a few years away. It would appear that there is a lot to plan.

What's so fabulous about showing at a wedding fair is that all the attendees are so loved up that they're a delight to spend time with. Well, I say 'all'... There were 1 or 2 Bridezillas who swept onto the stand with their entourage, cast an eye and then swept off again, dragging their nearest and dearest with them- and woe betide the rebellious bridesmaid who dared to linger lovingly over a vintage shoe! But, the majority were charmingly giddy with excitement, if a little overwhelmed by the myriad of choices available at the fairs.


I had taken 15 different vintage shoe variations and they were all hugely popular. I mean, who doesn't love a shoe!? Our shoes were like nothing else available at the shows and they drew gasps of 'Ooh' and 'Ahh', because they are all gorgeous, glamorous, classic, and oh so comfortable. (Who wants to spend such a big day in agony!?) The vintage style dresses were a great hit too, and on a couple of occasions ladies hot footed it straight to our shop off of Tottenham Court Road to try them on for size and snap them up! (That's great work girls, I love your commitment.)

Everyone that visited the stand was invited to enter our prize draw to win a private Top To Toe with a senior stylist at our West End store, and because we're not actually a vintage bridal boutique, the prize is suitable for all. Perfect! We've had hundreds of entries and we will be drawing a winner in May. Could it be you?

Showing at the wedding fairs has been a fun way to spend a couple of weekends, get out and about, and meet so many lovely new people. I also possibly sampled lots of wedding cake and got to quaff a glass or 2 of bubbles before lunchtime. Possibly. ;-)
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