Order online this week as the boutique will be closed to the public

Hello from Team Revival,

Thank you for the well wishes and messages of support. We are doing everything we can to remain resilient; changing operations but maintaining certain services so we can still provide customer service and despatch web orders.

We hope our small business will recover from the impact of COVID-19 but certainly any order, or gift certificate purchase is very welcome at this time.

This week we are operating with a skeleton staff as some staff are isolating and others are being given choices about if, how, when and where they work.


Small Shop London



  • We intend to despatch web orders daily but at a bare minimum twice a week should logistics change. If government advice changes then this may change at short notice.
  • The boutique will not open to the public week commencing 23rd March.

There's rarely more than six or seven people in the shop at any one time but for now, given the advised precautionary measures about social distancing  and avoidance of non essential gatherings the boutique is going to remain shut this week.

Some of our staff live walking distance from our Fitzrovia shop and are keen to get some exercise, fresh air and keep some structure to their days to keep them sane. A member of the team who is happy to volunteer, will work individually to pick and pack your orders.  

Rowena's main priority is to protect the people in this business and to do that we need to keep the business running. Most of the team are doing this in a work from home capacity. You will continue to see new releases, inspiring posts on social media and tempting offers over the coming weeks.

Every small shop we know is doing there very best to manage right now. Nobody knows what will happen, everybody is simply doing their best, taking each day as it comes.


Take care and be safe


Team Revival

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