Rosita Bonita is Back!

We are excited to announce that Rosita Bonita's gorgeous hand crafted jewellery is back in store.  

Original illustrations are screen-printed or foil-embossed onto fine leathers to form unique and collectable treasures.  And here are the treasures that are on offer.

Chinese Lanterns

Inspired by the 'Paris of the Orient' these elegant Chinese style lanterns are perfect for celebrations, or to just add glamour to your look.   Gold peony blossoms and the Chinese character for good luck adorn the oval pendants.

Double Fan Brooch

The ever popular Double Fan Brooch now comes in Green, White and Black as well as the original Ox Blood.  This is a statement piece of jewellery that initiates compliments and conversations.  It also comes with matching earrings which can be viewed here.

Falling Stars

Available in a necklace and earrings these beautiful star drops add sophistication to both day and evening wear.

Dagger Wing Earrings

Influenced by Egyptian designs and Art Deco motifs these beautiful earrings are a statement piece of sophisticated jewellery.

Lucky Coins

Many cultures believe that wearing or carrying gold brings about good fortune.  Hopefully these beautiful foil embossed gold leather coins will do just that.  Available in lucky horseshoes, the orouboros (eternal love) or the rising sun/eye.  This set is delightful to look at and unusually lightweight.

We hope you loveRosita Bonita's jewellery as much as we do.  



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