Revival Retro is 5! Party Time!

We are 5! Wahoo! 5 years of being a real bricks and mortar store in central London! That's no easy feat, you know!

5 years ago things were tricky financially (possibly mores now, thanks to Brexit), and yet we continue to grow and flourish. Our belief that high quality products and amazing customer service are what you need turned out to be true.

in the 5 years we've been in central London we've had a huge range of highs and lows. We've met amazingly gracious and friendly customers, customers who have become dearly loved friends, we've had discreet celebrity followings, we've had awfully embarrassingly rude customer who have been so horrid we've had to leave and get air- the whole spectrum!

But at the end of the day, 99.9% of who we deal with are wonderful human beings who make what we do so worth while. The thank you cards. The tearful hugs. Being sent flowers. Bringing the other half in who thanked us so profusely we got a bit wobbly.

We love you! We love what we do! And to celebrate we had a very small and VERY boozy party at Chez Revival. We had a lovely knees up with cake, as well as family and friends old and new who have supported us over the years.

Here are some pictures from our celebrations :)


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