Exclusive Emmy Pre-order Opportunity!

Everyone remembers this gorgeous 1940s style cardigan from Autumn/Winter 2016, right?

1940s style cardigan winter

 We went crazy for them, you went crazy for them and we are getting them back in stock around September time.  
"But I need an Emmy fix now!" we hear you cry!  Well boy oh boy, do we have exciting news for you.  In the next few weeks, the summer version of this cardigan, (of the same quality and cropped style as the Fab 1940s cardigan) will be arriving here at Revival Retro.

1940s style cardigan summer
It's gorgeous isn't it!  We had it in the navy before, which you can see above.

BUT! For this Spring Summer, we have gone for some lighter and brighter colours; fuschia pink, white cream, lilac, true blue, green and wine which you can see below.

1940s style cardigan summer colours

We NEED one. So do you...  In every. single. colour.  
Such a feast for the eyes!  

The good news is that you can pre-order them now! Click HERE to tell us you want to place one and we'll be in touch. (These will sell out fast, you have been warned!)

An added bonus is that both the lilac and the green go splendidly with the much loved Miss L Fire Loretta heel, take note all of you who have pre-ordered! (If you want to per order you can do that HERE)
The cardigan is machine washable and £127.

Oh! But there's more!

Now, we couldn't discuss Emmy without mentioning those trousers that @blossomsandbuttercups posted on Instagram.

Vintage style trousers 

Divine. Absolutely divine.  The high waist is super flattering, and the option to add button braces gives you a second way to wear them.  

We have the new season fabric coming! And you can preorder them! Like, now!! Wahoo! 
(Let us know if you want a pair of braces as they are sold separately. Trousers are machine washable and £134, braces are adjustable, button on only and £35)

vintage style trousers summer
These work fabulously with, this gorgeous pussybow blouse. You'll beed a handbag too, how about the Retro Handbag?

To pre-order any of the above, the easiest thing to do is call us on 0207 636 8922, but you can also contact us by clicking HERE, or via email; boutique@revival-retro.com.  

WARNING: the cut off date for pre-orders is Monday 6th March
After that it will be a fight to the death, I mean, first come first served, for the rest.

 Pre-order is the only way to guarantee yourself any of the cardigans and trousers so if you're desperate pick up that phone and call us!  
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