New Custom Colour: The ReMix Balboa!

We adore the Balboa heel here at Revival; it's comfortable, easy to wear, accommodates a huge range of foot shapes, and the leather is beautifully soft. As vintage style shoes go, it's probably the best we've ever found.

Arriving in the next week is a brand new colour. Exclusively only available here at Revival, we have created a Red and Ivory version, and it's going to FLY out.

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We're getting used to this sort of this now, having a world exclusive sat on our shoe shelf! We did it last year with a Black and Wine version, which sold out almost immediately. (And we have decided to bring it back this autumn, so if there's any Red & Ivory left we'll have two world exclusives on one shelf!)

This brand are known and loved for their high quality beautiful and comfortable vintage style shoes. Lots of their designs are taken from original vintage shoes, which is why they have such wonderfully authentic looks to them. I think I'm right in saying we're still the only UK Stockist of ReMix Vintage Shoes! 

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I've already put myself on the list for a pair (one of the perks of working here!), and this will be my 5th pair of this style. Yes, FIVE pairs of Balboa. (Never mind the other vintage  style shoe by Remix I also own!) 

If you would like to nab yourself a pair once they arrive (as it'll take a week or so for them to go on the website), then click HERE to send me an email and we'll go from there!



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