Lottie's Highlights So Far

Five years ago today I started working at Revival Retro. I can hardly believe it! I thought I'd blog about what I got up to the past five years but SO much has happened that it was heading down the novel route. Having abandoned that I decided to a photo dump instead. However I'm not a great lover of having my picture taken which means I have skipped over quite a lot but hopefully the pictures I have featured get across how varied and wonderful the last 5 years have been. It has truly been a joy <3
Vintage Style Clothing
Modelling for the Spring/Summer 2017 lookbook
 Award winning small business
Winners at the FSB awards ceremony 2017
Made in London
Sewing made to measure pencil skirts 2017
Fashion and Textile museum
Fashion & Textile Fashion Show 2018
Emmy Design Sweden Cardigans
Emmy Cardigans SS18
Vintage Bloggers
Vintage Bloggers meet up 2018
La Darbia
On location for a photoshoot in Italy 2018
Award winning small business
Winners at the Small awards 2019
Special guest at Goodwood Revival 2019
Vintage Style in New York City
Exploring New York City Feb 2020
Zoom Meeting
Staff Zoom meeting 2020
Virtual Shopping Appointments
Virtual shopping appointments 2021
Vintage plus size clothing
Plus size consultations with @MelodyMae 2021
Pattern drafting
Designing and pattern drafting 2021
Photoshoot with Rowena 2021
Zoom drinks
Bar Zoom 2022 London to Glasgow
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