Introducing Revival Retro Pre-Loved

This year has been a strange one hasn’t it? One of massive change and really nothing happening at all. We’ve been reflecting on how all of our lives have changed and asking ourselves, “What next?” “What can our small business do that will make a difference?”. ‘What might our customers appreciate as their lives are changing too?’

That’s why we are introducing Revival Retro Pre-Loved.
Revival Retro Pre-Loved

2021 seems to have disappeared all too quickly. It’s November already and the news is dominated with the progress made (or lack of it) at COP26. No matter how fast it feels this year has flown by though, I can easily recall that long period of lockdown at the beginning of the year that felt like it went on forever.
Government grants were helping us survive but for a small shop in central London it was difficult to envisage how we would recover. The future seemed very uncertain but we care and are passionate about what we do, particularly our own range which we are proud to make locally here in London England, which so many of our customers appreciate and enjoy.

Sustainable Vintage Fashion

Anyway, when you're in the middle of a lockdown and your shop is closed you begin to think about the future, how you want it to take shape and what your role will be in that. That’s when we made our SME climate commitment joining the United Nations’ Race to Net Zero campaign. In the run up to COP26 it kickstarted a wider look at sustainability within our small business and acknowledging that our customers want to take action too.

One of the practical actions that people and organisations can take to impact climate change is to ‘wear clothes to last’.
When we design and produce our Own Range we are thinking long term; our sustainable vintage inspired clothing is made to last. BUT! We just went through a pandemic! What does it mean when the garment is made to last but the wearer has undergone temporary or permanent change?

Sustainable Vintage Inspired Clothing

Lockdowns have been hard, the pandemic has brought about change. Many of us have gained weight, some of us have lost weight. How many of us have changed workplace or job or lifestyle?
Talking to many of our customers this year we began to think about our collective desire to make our decisions matter, our actions count and not have a wardrobe not be full of things we can’t wear!

So as COP26 draws to a close and we question ‘what more can we do to help make a difference?’ we have decided to test out Revival Retro Pre-Loved.

If you have a Revival Retro Own Range garment that you are no longer wearing, send it back to us.
We can then extend the life of the garment by selling Pre-Loved items to new owners
You are rewarded with a 40% discount on the next item you purchase from our Own Range.
This means that you can get a replacement piece of clothing that better suits your current needs.

Clothing Made to Last

By choosing to recycle your garments with us, you’ll be reducing your environmental footprint and helping us to keep our emissions low. A win win for everyone, we hope.

This scheme is launching as a trial until the end of the year to assess demand, logistics and it’s environmental impact.
Pre-loved FAQ

We’d love to know what you think of this trial. We always try to improve and do better. We are far from perfect but we do hope we can help make a difference.
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