International Women's Day 2023

One of the missions from @internationalwomensday_global⁠
is "To elevate women forging change via technology and sustainability in communities, workplaces and beyond". ⁠

Sustainability is something we are always working at so the above mission really stood out to us and instantly made us think of Nanna who is one of the biggest advocates for sustainability with regards to clothing that we know. ⁠

Nanna at Splendid Stitches

You may have met Nanna AKA @SplendidStitches at one of the many events we held when we had the shop in Fitzrovia. At the time Nanna was local to us and we were always happy to hand out her business card to those who needed a sewing expert. ⁠

Nanna really is very highly skilled and, like us, very strongly believes that fashion should be more circular.⁠

Nanna @ Splendid Stitches

Both of our female founded businesses have had to relinquish our bricks and mortar premises during these challenging years, however we stay in touch, talk about the issues in our industry and like to meet up for some vino whilst putting the world to rights!⁠

But we are also women of action. Solutions focussed, we know that the impact we can make is helping you make meaningful choices about sustainability and using your purchase power. That’s why we decided to join forces to provide a repair service for all of your Revival Retro Own Range pieces. Our Revival Repairs Service helps you to prolong the life of your garment and helps us with our commitment to circular fashion and sustainability: a win/win for everyone we believe.⁠
Read more about Revival Repairs here.
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