International Woman's Day 2020 - Be An Ally

Over the past few months I've been taking measure of Revival Retro and in some ways I think we are coming up short. We have good ideas and intentions but in terms of action, Revival Retro could do better. ⁠
For instance, we help a diverse range of women in the London boutique including but not limited to young, old, black, white, Asian, abled, disabled, gay, straight, queer, trans, but where is the representation of a diverse range of people in our online interactions?⁠
A recent look through our feeds shocked me at our lack of inclusivity. It doesn't represent our reality. I'm not going to reflect on how it happened (though I'm happy to answer questions if you have them) instead I'm going to vow to be a better ally in future. ⁠
Over the next year, I (@retrorow ) will ensure we better represent the broad range of customers we help and be an ally to further recognition and understanding of women's issues.⁠
Acknowledging your own limitations is the first step to making things better. We shouldn't be afraid to ask for help. ⁠
If you have ideas, wish to get involved, want to suggest someone you admire, have something you want to say, please get in touch. I believe only talking about things will we achieve greater recognition of the problems and understanding on how to improve things. ⁠
Our female owned small business will continue to be open and welcoming to every woman. The whole team tries to help women, raise confidence, feel empowered and act with agency. That won't change.⁠
International Womans day

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