Guest Blog: Gayle from Hustle & Fox on Mum Style

Feeling good about myself in the right clothes makes me happy. My daughter Roxy just turned 1, on June 17th. Before becoming pregnant, my style was a mix of things. Think high street accessible fashion, classic pieces that suited my body type, and special finds no one else had. Eclectic, sassy, and modern. 

I loved this fab dress for the Revival Get Together lunch because the colours are glorious!

I actually loved dressing when I was pregnant, I only bought 2 'maternity' items, jeans and leggings. I made my clothes work for me and my changing body shape, and I loved to wear stretchy dresses to show of my bump. My only real issue I had was my swelling feet, so at the end it meant I couldn't wear my pretty shoes!

Post pregnancy my style is the same I think, though I have had to wear and buy more skirts and tops rather than dresses as I am breast feeding. Unexpectedly, I have completely embraced dungarees!  I still love to buy clothes and I've bought loads since having Roxy. She looks great in everything too...

I got super into stretchy fabrics for maximum bump showing!

I'm fortunate in that being a mum hasn't really changed my style, but a change in job has had more of an affect, and by that I mean I seem to have more time to buy more clothes!

You can't underestimate how important it is to feel good about what you wear. I'm very independent and I didn't want to lose myself in the mum role. I think that being you is really important. Sometimes it means spending a little bit more on a dress, but as long as I feel special in it and it's well made, as far as I'm concerned it's a priceless investment.

I know mums-to-be and new mums would find the stretchy fabric of this red dress super comfortable.

I loved the watercolour dress even though I don't normally wear those colours, but already owning a dress by the same brand meant I knew it would be a comfortable and flattering fit. Plus, I can wear this one with so many different colour accessories I'll be able to get a lot of wear from it. The dress fits well over my curves and the material moves beautifully. Exactly what I need for chasing around after Roxy!

This is me with my partner Dean. The spotty dress is the first dress I ever bought from Revival and it's still going strong all these years later!

The dresses at Revival are great , that you can dress them up with heels or layer them, vest underneath... you can really go for it! I like to wear different style belts and accessories and make the dress feel like a completely different look. I have worn mine with brogues , trainers, heels and even a sweatshirt.

The key is finding clothes that suit your shape and feel good.  Remember to spoil yourself and treat yourself!  Being a mum is the best thing in the world to me but being myself is also just as important. 
Gayle is director of Hustle & Fox and Carry Me Home childrenswear, and around capable super woman. We love her personal instagram which is full of Roxy being adorable, and the Hustle & Fox instagram
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