Goodwood Revival Fashion Emporium 2017

This year Sarah and I (Rowena) had a fun day out from the shop visiting the Goodwood Revival. I had been before both as an attendee with friends and as an exhibitor with a Revival Retro stall but Sarah had never been before and we had been invited to check out the new ‘Revival Emporium’ fashion shows.

Revival Retro Rowena and Sarah at Goodwood

The Goodwood Revival has become, over the years, a very popular event. Lot’s of people from all walks of life enjoy it as a fun day out, it’s fun to ‘dress up’, it’s great people watching and even if you are not a motorsports fan the beauty of the vintage cars and the excitement around the racetrack can’t help but rub off on you a bit!

Goodwood Revival 2017 

 Goodwood Revival 2017

Not everyone who attends is a vintage aficionado, nor do you need to be, but the event is made all the better for everyone making an effort to dress the part, reviving the fashions of 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. When I say ‘everyone’ I mean it, unlike at some vintage events, the men get just as involved as the women. 

Goodwood Revival Fashion 

For 2017 the Revival Emporium is a new feature of the weekend long event. We were treated to some of the best seats in the house which was fantastic as the vintage inspired fashion show was a real visual feast involving multimedia, backdrops and choreography on the catwalk.
Of course the 1940s fashions were our favourite so here’s a little clip I took on my iphone so you can get a glimpse of what we enjoyed.


We also caught the Friday Goodwood Revival Best Dressed Competition with the delightful Nikki Redcliffe as one of the judges.

Goodwood Revival Best Dressed Competition 2017

We were routing for Maria to win because we adored her green and orange ensemble. She did! Congratulations Hats by Maria on winning the Mastercard #TimelessMoment prize.
Goodwood Revival Best Dressed Competition Winner 2017 Hats by Maria

Of course Sarah and I had chosen 1940s style for our complementary outfits. We were the Revival Retro duo in our recently released own range jacket and skirt combinations, both sporting Atelier Millinery hats, vintage shoes and umbrellas to ensure we were head to toe 1940s Revival (links at bottom of this post).
We weren't the only ones dressed head to toe in a Revival Retro outfit though! It was lovely bumping into customers we had dressed for the Goodwood Revival, it was lovely bumping into people and seeing posts on social media! #GoodwoodRevival2017 #RevivalStyle

Goodwood Revival Fashion 1940s

Goodwood Revival Fashion Apinal of London

Many thanks to the Goodwood Revival for a fabulous day and Veuve Cliquot UK for the magnificent champagne.
 Goodwood Revival Veuve Cliquot

Here are the links if you wish to shop either of our outfits.
Sarah's Goodwood Revival Outfit
CC41 Womens 1940s Shoes
Seamed Stockings - Latte
Revival Retro Handy Pocket Skirt
Emmy Design Be My Baby Blouse
Emmy Cardigan | Cinnamon
Revival Retro Curve Flattering Jacket
Atelier Millinery French Beret | Black

Rowena's Goodwood Revival Outfit
ReMix Vintage Shoes | Gramercy Black Suede Brown Croc
Back Seam Tights | Contrast Black on Nude
Revival Retro Made to Measure Pencil Skirt
Vintage Clothing Bow Blouse
Revival Retro Flattering Fit Jacket
Vecona Vintage Silk Scarf
Atelier Millinery Hat

We thoroughly recommend a trip to the Goodwood Revival but top tip - book your tickets and accommodation early, they sell outfast. Of course, don't forget to shop for your Goodwood Revival fashions in our London store or here on our website.

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