Fireworks and Firewater

Remember remember the 5th of November... and the 28th if you're American, and the 30th if you're Scottish, and the 1st if you're me because that's my dad's birthday.


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After the wildness of Halloween and before the mad rush of Christmas, November can feel like a dark month. Stephen Fry once joked that the reason Scottish people pay so much attention to St Andrew's day, Hogmanay and Rabbie Burns is because we need to lighten the mood in the depths of winter. He is not wrong.


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Personally, I quite enjoy November. Whilst I love summer, global warming has made the season stretch on a bit too long for me and I'm relieved to be cocooning myself once more in cosy scarves and coats. I realise hibernation is not for everyone. Even I can get a bit frustrated dressing like the love child of Mrs Doyle and the Michelin Man. Luckily there is just enough going on in November to warrant a bit of sparkle... 




On Wednesday 27th November we'll be celebrating St Andrew's Day a wee bit early at Revival Retro with a private whisky tasting! Encouraging women to drink whisky is a subject close to my heart, and not just because I don't like drinking alone. As a Scottish gal who grew up wandering around distilleries and loves a tipple now and then, I get very irritated by the suggestion that whisky is a 'man's drink'.


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We're excited to announce that the evening will be hosted by special guest Avril Poole! She is a big fan of the dram and trains brand ambassadors in the making of whisky, tasting and customer service. She also has her own vlogs on whisky and food pairings, which I'll definitely be asking for hints on!




We hope that our first Whisky Club will be a place you feel free to explore and ask questions. Who knows, it may become your new go-to! I've had many female friends say they have written-off whisky in the past because they've been given a particularly harsh one but there are so many different tastes and qualities to try.


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Even if you leave still thinking whisky is not for you, then at least you've tried something new and had a good laugh while doing it! Next time you hear a man deriding someone for having water with their whisky, you'll feel confident about swinging them over the bar.* I certainly suggest continuing to be open to whisky when it comes to cocktails...

Get your tickets here.


*Revival Retro does not necessarily condone starting bar fights. 
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