Excitement for the New Season: AW16 at Revival Retro

It's not uncommon for me to get ahead of myself, and wish the current season away because I'm impatient for the next... I can't help it, and to be honest I think if I wasn't excited it would mean we don't have any lovely things coming. (Pfff, it's more likely that maybe I'd had a bump to the head, we ALWAYS have lovely things coming! That's part of the problem!!)

Roasted Figs!

Autumn/Winter 2016 is going to be my favourite winter season yet, I think. You know our lovely 1940s Cropped cardigans? The ones that are perfect for high-waist separates? We will have them in more colours than you can shake a stick at!! I particularly enjoyed the half an hour we spent discussing how to describe a particular shade. It even got quite heated at one point!! In the end I had my way, and we settled on Roasted Fig. Sounds delicious, right? (Along with Cinnamon Brown, Petroleum Blue, Mustard Yellow, Red Wine, and classic Black)

The New Look of 1947. This was a revolution in silhouettes!

I am also SUPER happy that we will be seeing the return of the Well Dressed Cardigan. Inspired by the shape of Dior's New Look in 1947, this cardigan is the right combination of tailored, elegant, shapely, flattering and snug! (Coming in Roasted Fig, Cinnamon Brown, and classic Black. 

The Well Dressed Cardigan is a sell out every year. Don't miss out!

We haven't even started talking about the high waisted trousers yet! Fans of our Casablanca trousers, rejoice. We are having them in a classic Navy salt and pepper twill, but most importantly, in the most delicious grey check (or call it plaid, I don't mind). The main cool is a greyish navy, with thin navy and red lines providing the small check texture. They look AWESOME. We will also be having a brand new style of high waisted trousers in a Roasted Fig salt and pepper twill, and a classic Black.

So, if you need me, I will be gliding around them over here, perfecting my Katherine Hepburn impersonation...

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