Shooting our summer lookbook

Our behind the scenes story of shooting our summer lookbook.
Photographer Tory Smith crouches to take picture against dramatic Lisbon ocesn view
For almost a decade we have worked with fabulous photographer Tory Smith. When she announced a few years ago she was relocating to go and live in Lisbon, Portugal we were worried it would be the end but we made it work and it meant we had the opportunity to shoot our summer lookbook in this beautiful city!
What a backdrop! The coastal city of Lisbon and it's historic Old Town is a sight to behold. If you are looking for holiday inspiration, it's right here.
As Tory has been living here for some time she had already scouted out the best locations and right time of day to shoot. Also taking care with safety considerations as we look after the local team and current COVID-19 protocols.
Model wearing summer dress stands in front of Lisbon skyline
 Still, you can see from these candid snapshots the production values that go in to creating the final images for the lookbook.
Using a local team (I was only being able direct remotely) we used a model from a Potuguese agency. I often struggle finding models, we are constantly on the look out for mid size or plus size rather than petite, often very slender models so common in this industry.  I selected Luanda who is a curvy size 10 who was more likely to fit our collection of garments that are designed for women of all shapes and sizes.
Three women pose together, our team.
It's a shame we only had budget for one model as we would dearly love to demonstrate how our clothes look on different shapes and sizes. Some of these dresses are available in sizes 6-22. However, the logistics and resources of a shoot rarely allow for you to promote diversity unless you have a big budget. Check out our social channels to see more pictures of our customers wearing these outfits.
Our model Lua, did a great job, and we think you will agree looks stunning in everything!
BTS Photoshoot
Thank you to our HMUA Hair and make up artist Vanessa Marinho who was part of the dream team.
Photographer bends to get perfect composition whilst stylist looks on to ensure everything is in place
Also to Gabriela Manela our wonderful styling assistant.
We had an all women dream team making this summer lookbook.
Model waits while hair and make up finishing touches are applied 
In order to a show a cross section of styles appealing to different women we wanted to feature some of the different brands we sell at Revival Retro. We love that you can shop the best vintage inspired fashion from one retailer. A collection curated for it's quality, provenance, inclusivity and value.
We channel all that in to the care and attention we take with our photography creating accessible looks against inspirational backdrops.
Woman in sundress in old town Lisbon
As well as Revival Retro's own range you will find featured clothing by Emily and Fin, Emmy Design Sweden as well as shoes and bags from Charlie Stone and jewellery from Splendette and Bow & Crossbones. Due to Brexit plus COVID causing delays in delivery other items such as those from House of Foxy didnt make it in time for the shoot.
Tying in colours and textures to the scenery and iconic backdrop of Lisbon was exciting and challenging. Well done to the team on a fantastic job.
Photographer waits to get the shot at the right mment as tram comes in to view
We are really proud of this lookbook, the final images are everything we wanted. A year of lockdowns and frustrations has stopped activity and stymied creativity but Lisbon inspired us again.
We are focussed on the future and are already well ahead on planning Autumn Winter. For now though, we are enjoying the sunshine, dreaming of holidays and continuing to encourage you to continue to support the small businesses you love.
Photographer lies on floor to achieve the best shot
Click here to view our full summer lookbook. There are shoppable links to all items. Purchasing from Revival Retro will enable us to build on this creativity and purpose helping us to deliver on and improve in future. If buying isn't an option please consider sharing your favourites with friends, helping us spread the word and raise awareness of our much loved small business.
Model stands in front of huge beautiful flowering tree
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