Black Friday UK - How does a small business respond

No doubt you've seen various responses to Black Friday from small businesses across the UK. Some are boycotting, some are embracing, some are just plain unsure. Where does Revival Retro stand in all of this?

There's no doubt about it. Black Friday is bad news for UK small businesses (it is literally going to put some people out of business) BUT bargain savvy customers want to take advantage of savings and why shouldn't you! Don't feel guilty, enjoy shopping and find the best deal for you!


uk small business reponse to black friday


We want to give you an irresistible Black Friday offer to make you buy from us instead of Amazon or the big chains but we simply can't offer the big percentage discounts. So, we've looked for a way to give you the deals you desire without Black Friday putting us out of business completely! Here it is:

All orders placed from Black Friday through Cyber Monday can benefit from a discount double whammy.


20% OFF NOW - SITEWIDE - Online and In Store - Use code DWRR

All orders placed during the promotion will also receive

20% OFF the SPRING 2019 New Collection - Online and In Store

We know you're going to love the Spring collection, popular favourites will return in new colours and prints as well as a raft of gorgeous new clothes, shoes and accessories. 


So, although our small business can't afford to give you 50%, 60% or 75% off as our economics are different to the retail giants, we hope you see the value of our two fold offer; allowing you to save now, getting that item you have had your eye on for a while, then bank the second part of the discount because you know you are going to be back for more! If you love Revival Retro then you will have experienced temptation regular and often following us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. You know this makes sense and you know you will use it!



Some additional terms and conditions on this offer:

    • BFCM2018 20% off now code is valid on all orders with a value greater than £100 that complete checkout between 0000GMT 23Nov18 and 2359GMT 26Nov18 
    • Eligibility for the 20% off Spring 2019 requires you to give us your email address and consent to receiving email(s) in relation to this offer. Expect to receive your coupon in the New Year.
    • A single coupon offering you 20% off Spring 2019 will be valid 14 January 2019 to 14 March 2019. Any coupon not redeemed by 15 March 2019 will be rendered invalid. You will not be entitled to any other form of compensation.
    • Both discounts can be redeemed online or in any Revival Retro bricks and mortar store.
    • This offer is made at the discretion of the management and may be withdrawn at any time.
    • BFCM18 20% off now code via newsletter is valid on all orders that complete checkout between 1530GMT 22Nov18 and 2359GMT 22Nov18


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Many UK small businesses boycott Black Friday completely and heck yes I say to them. Brave and principled. Why the big UK retailers decided to embrace this American phenomenon is beyond us all. It just hurts UK business (see my 2014 blog about this here). 

But Black Friday is now in the UK public psyche and listening and responding to our customers year on year we know that extra saving can make all the difference.

Black Friday offers are now so common that few people buy unless they are getting a deal. At Revival Retro we know we can't afford to lose out entirely. Put simply, it's a case of if you cant beat Black Friday, then it's a matter of finding a way to join in. 

No doubt about it we also have principled customers who boycott Black Friday. Thank you for your considered custom. Our Black Friday offer requires a discount code to be entered at check out, simply proceed without it and you can buy as if Black Friday doesn't exist.





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