Posted by: Rowena Howie on January 28, 2016

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Revival Retro's London boutique has just launched a small but highly desirable lingerie range in store and online.

Refined and elegant undergarments including silk mix slips, cami's, tap pants sit along side vintage inspired french knickers and old hollywood style loungewear.

London Lingerie Shop

At Revival we are big believers in dressing for your own pleasure. Our clothing is chosen for it's ability to fit and flatter curvaceous shapes; self confidence is your biggest style asset so let's start with that. With shoes where we value comfort as highly as we do style. The same is true of the new lingerie and swimwear collections.

Visit Revival for luxurious layers that feel good close to the skin, provide practical benefits when worn beneath daywear but are also an alluring choice for the bedroom.


Some women have all the choice in the world of bra's you can walk into shop and pick up 20 things of the rack (no pun intended!) and take your pick. Other's need more support which can be a more involved shopping experience with far less choice. Either way, it's important to make the right choice.

That's why our initial collection does not include bra's, with so many styles, sizes and suppliers, where to start? So why not tell us? The evolution of our lingerie collection will be guided by our customers needs and wants, particularly those who want to try before they buy in our London shop.

Where do you buy your bras? 

Our first foray into lingerie assumes that our ladies will have a preferred bra fitting expert. Do you have a preferred bra shop? Who do you visit and why them? Or, do you shop online? Does that work for you?
If your needs are not currently being met, would you like to see Revival extend it's lingerie selection to include bras and a bra fitting service? What kind of bras are you looking for? Tell us, how can we help?

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